Friday, December 26, 2008

New Year

With things almost ending/But not quite ending /Nothing seems to end /Through the white noise of last week’s dream /The relatives come /An eager spirit haunts us /Like a pornographic treatise from the 18th century / We feel old /And Babble incoherently / Snow falls /It is December 26th 2008   /A pink headless corpse with two bright blue eyeballs watches our every move /At the mall  /A limousine makes a wide ox cart turn /With nowhere to park /The driver slowly circumambulates the lot /An hour later he is still there /In the car /On the way back from shopping /A female reporter tells the usual story of a recent natural disaster /Figures and numbers /7.8; 7.9; 1976; 1989; 9000, 250,000; 70,000 /The curious part of the story is that the Chinese Decided to make the place into a park /And tourism is predicted to go up by 25% /At around this time /A fat baby grabs a plastic toy off the tree /Dogs throw up grandmas’ fudge /Anxious step-moms step out for a cigarette /At one point you stand at the mirror /Thinking somewhere else /And then notice the equable look /Of a cheap plastic Buddha    

Friday, December 05, 2008


gregorovius thought that somewhere chestov had written about aquariums
with a removable glass partition which could be taken out any time
and that the fish, who was accustomed to his compartment, would
never try to go over to the other side. he would come to a point in the water,
turn around, and swim back, without discovering that the obstacle was gone,
that all he had to do was to keep on going forward...