Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Consensus

He, that is I, that is you

Have unmet obligations looming digitally

In a cloud of future scenarios, which the experts agree

Augur ruin or at the very least highly unpleasant circumstances

Little it seems has been done to either cause

Or prevent these events

No one is to blame, despite what many say

And everyone is accountable, despite what many do not say

At this juncture it would be advisable to cease all activity

But it would mean an end to the entire endeavor, and although this

Is probably the only way to avoid the collapse of the entire system

Few are willing to even consider the course of action

One can be certain that everyone agrees on one thing

We are on the brink of something, but since this has always been the only point of consensus

And since nothing really has changed for the worse or the better

The plan continues to be drawn by the very actions it is meant to deter