Monday, June 04, 2007

The Well-Tempered Papier Mâché Shuttle

This is a picture of the only Russian space shuttle. It stands next to one of the only Russian rollercoasters. The two make a nice balance for the shuttle seems to be made of paper, and roller coaster seems to be made of cardboard. I will be posting to this thing all summer. For the ten people who read this, may I suggest buying an issue of one of these journals: Circumference, Absinthe: New European Poetry, Caketrain, Cimarron Review, or the St. Petersburg Review. Also, keep reading Zone. As I crawl up the hierarchy of print I will less and less make references to various publications until I will simply call myself "the writer" --my bio will be something like: "Peter Golub, he writes!" or "See Golub run". The latter might be my Nobel speech.