Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Wedding

Eastward and the Orangutan


Eastward and the orangutan sing a song
In a bar outside of the world.
They do not engage history.
The internet has been down for two days.


They are at a wedding.
The bride looks stunning in her
Narrow notch lapel with boutonnière.

The orangutan takes a sip from a 32 oz. plastic mug
Full of vermouth.

Two women sit chatting with Eastward about his new film.
The women look stunning
In their narrow notch lapel with boutonnière.

Only Jojo notices the sadness in Eastward’s eyes.
He can hear those ghostly Morricone whistles
Which his great-grandmother would send across the Atlantic.

And where did they bury her?
And why am I making another order?
And who is Jojo?