Thursday, November 16, 2006

Golub is....

I think this is one of my favorites from the flarf festival... but there is more oh so much more...and it sounds like there are about 8 people in the audience which makes me happy... in the same way it makes me happy to know that driving every day in LA is more hazerdous to a person's health than smoking from the age of 14 to the age of 46.

and what is golub?

golub is particularly fond of twentieth century music and has given the russian premieres of compositions by ives
golub is no different
golub is very much the dominant voice
golub is the director of the cancer genomics program at whitehead genome center
golub is a pioneer in using data from the human genome project and dna arrays to obtain genetic fingerprints of different cancers as a way of classifying and
golub is available for phone calls during the day
golub is a guest lecturer and scholar
golub is the executive director of mercaz usa the zionist organization of the conservative movement
golub is a town in west prussia
golub is a leading exponent of history painting – painting as a narrative
golub is so caught up in making art and writing about it
golub is deceptively laid back in lecture
golub is the father of the generalized conjugate gradient method
golub is turning out a celebrity series of promotional events
golub is an expert on international trade and finance
golub is foremost a scientist and a research biologist
golub is the composer of numerous works for film
golub is one of
golub is a very fine musician and a decent human being
golub is not only a versatile and talented musician
golub is entitled to a break
golub is the managing member of golub ps
golub is getting colorado brewers to keg their specialty beers
golub is a licensed professional insurance agent
golub is one of america's leading painters whose work has been influential to a number of arists
golub is one of several prominent contemporary artists who in the mid
golub is from schenectady
golub is other
golub is first and last a painter
golub is an astrophysicist at the harvard
golub is the afterglow of dozens of his performances that i heard and reviewed
golub is managing director of centre partners management
golub is a big name
golub is planning a visit to senegal for continued research in the summer of 2000
golub is ignoring the opportunity cost of the decision
golub is categorized in the smooth jazz genre because he's an instrumentalist; at heart
golub is a founding partner and managing director of blackrock
golub is the recipient of a charles ives scholarship
golub is a professor of microbiology & molecular genetics at the university of california
golub is chairman and chief executive officer of american express company
golub is a director of dow jones & co
golub is noted for his work in the use of numerical methods in linear algebra for solving scientific and engineering problems
golub is presenting a survey of source material relating to the creation of the modern state of israel
golub is at his best here in the realm of myth
golub is president and ceo
golub is a golfer and a philanthropist
golub is a graduate of yale college and yale law school
golub is also a certified public accountant
golub is
golub is from banja luka
golub is taking "dodo" on the road
golub is the quintessential realized american dream
golub is responsible for product strategy
golub is a portfolio manager in jp morgan fleming's us equity group
golub is also active in the community associations institute
golub is so busy with charity and business commitments he rarely has time to enjoy his golf homes
golub is a professor of computer science and director of the scientific computing and computational mathematics program at stanford university
golub is collecting pictures of several different wavelengths of x
golub is a polemicist
golub is a staff toxicologist in the office of environmental health hazard assessment where she is responsible for guideline
golub is admitted to practice in california
golub is back with a second bluemoon recording
golub is an
golub is at the white head institute at massachusetts institute of technology and he is going to come and help us with our topic of "new
golub is financially incapable of paying a
golub is associate professor of english education at the university of south florida in tampa
golub is in his sixth season as an artist member of the chamber music society of lincoln center and he continues to
golub is professor of computer science at stanford university
golub is a member of the new york state bar and the american payroll association
golub is onto something unfortunately
golub is concerned that non
golub is a masterful guitar player and this disc perfectly showcases his versatility as both a player and a songwriter
golub is a stoic and a nihilist
golub is one of the world’s leading postwar painters
golub is senior vice president and general manager of the trust and payment
golub is associate professor of english education at the university of south florida
golub is always welcome at braun's place
golub is currently chair of the section on mathematics
golub is the antithesis of the angry activist artist
golub is often willfully oblivious towards the complexities of the situations he depicts
golub is an assistant
golub is responsible for guiding clientlogic on its mission to be the leading global provider of services that manage and enhance the customer experience
golub is a partner in the intellectual property practice resident in the philadelphia office
golub is recognized for his numerous contributions to cancer research
golub is the fletcher jones professor of computer science at stanford university where he has been a faculty member since 1962
golub is the answer
golub is a fletcher jones professor of computer science at stanford university
golub is a managing director of centre partners management llc