Thursday, November 16, 2006


What is the Debut generation? The poem begins with a series of clichés the things you take with you define the place definitions are in the eye of the beholder the beholder’s eye is allergic to spring we move onto the self effacing humiliations curled up under the office desk with a bottle of gin staring at the plastic phone wondering what she is doing now then trying to sound brave in front of the husband jumping over the chain link fence ripping your pants right off landing onto a trampoline bouncing over the white fence and into a kiddy pool full of brown water and autumn leaves you get up out of the poem to turn down the music in your library say a few words in self defense there is so much death everywhere you look at your palms and say “good monkey” you return the brown leaves in the kiddy pool are now dry dust “where is she?” my death’s dead the phone rings then another and another it grows dark you see the tiny blue screens bobbing up and down with the empty street