Saturday, July 15, 2006

Zidane for Governor

This is the poet Vasiliy Roskov. I spent many happy nights with him will in St. Petersburg watching soccer. He is a fine poet, and I plan to translate his work. He is planning to translate my work. Although he has yet to reply to my last three emails. At the moment he may be in Italy.

This is myself with the poet Alexander Skidan. It may not appear so in this photo but the poet Alexander Skidan often times has the ability to resemble the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein; also someone told me once again that I look like Mark Bowling (the T-Rex singer). Skidan's poetry has been translated into English and is published by Ugly Duckling Presse. He is quite wonderful and was probably cheering for Italy.

This is the poet Eugene Ostashevsky and Sergei Gandlevsky. I show you this picture because of the position of their brows, because Ostashevsky is a ridiculously good poet, and Gandlevsky visited my communal apartment when I was a child and my father fixed his stereo. Gandlevsky is also one of the established patriarchs of Russian poetry.

This is Zidane in all his vengeful glory.

I would not be surprised if this young man were not elected senator in one of our fine red states.